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Silent Installations for Parallel XE Studio and Redistributable Packages



I am a developer trying to Dockerize the build process of an application that requires the Intel C++ Compiler packages to build and run.

I've tried the silent installation methods for both the Parallel XE Studio and the redistributable packages. They work fine on host, but here are a couple of remarks:

1) The Parallel XE Studio silent installer, right after I enter the CLI command, creates a background process to run the installation and immediately exits. While it works, this is not ideal for scripting.

2) The redistributable package installer is in .msi form, which does not work very well with Docker containers--I was not able to run the installer via Dockerfile.

Are there any workarounds to solve these issues? If not, I would suggest that there be more command-line-friendly and script-friendly ways to install these tools.

Thanks so much!


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