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Slow build even with nothing changed, using VC++ back end with Intel project

As a workaround to my problems linking the Debug targets of my solution with the Intel C++ suite, I changed all the projects to use the Microsoft compiler. My Windows executable is built from several static libraries (which change) and a couple of dynamic libraries. Note that the projects are still under the supervision of the Intel suite (i.e. they have a distinguished blue icon and the original project appears as a subitem in the solution explorer). I only changed to Microsoft for the Debug target. For the RelDebug and Release targets I am still using Intel C++.

When I choose "Build", even if no source files have changed, VS goes through a series of "Checking up-to-date status for project ###" (19 projects in my case). It takes a total of 8 seconds (and this is on max specced quad core i7 with SSD). With a one line change, this goes up to 17 seconds including link.

Unadulterated VS one line changes take 5 seconds or less including link...

17 seconds is kind of painful to be honest
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