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Small problem observed in this site with IE8

New Contributor I
When you wait that open the page entering site with IE8 browser is showed blank page with
cursor pointer (The arrow) passive, same is not working.
Only IE8,Firefox or Opera not this problem.
Is just small problem new site is largely better than precedent (speed and all).

Only suppositions:
Can be deflate module (if you have ?) that wait entire page loaded before refresh.
I have solve this problem but i not remember exactly (require an image loaded as first in
the page, i think ??)
(images are compressed by default without relation deflate module)
This problem is more important when you have to use several thread active(persisting).
(Deflate module can locked progressive refresh ago) (cut steps (MRU) to global algorithm)
Apache (if you have ?) require entire loading before a refresh if is compression used.
Always difficult task for accorded all browsers ...

Kind regards.
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I observe also some others faults in (textarea richtext object).(all browser)
Some words are separate with blank space.(wrap problem showed source xml with CR)

sometimes passive (

&nbsb ext...) added unjustified.
Bold,italic ,ext... selected in write mode are removed in finalized document
results. (Gecko only I suppose ?)
CR or LF are multiply 2 sometimes.
also sometime floting point in number visitor

You must probably think that i am difficult,site largely better than precedent but remember here image Intel
must be obligatory corrected speedily , preferable. AMD or ARM they not laugh...
Kind regards



Bold,italic ,ext... selected in write mode are removed in finalized document

i discover corrected now is working correctly with

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; fr; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6


In you source textaera

Max length of line source are 121 characteres , after is added systematic CR that create

divide word blank space.

(Word wrap is always selected true default in your source html editor..) just require to make

disabe default or before saving for resolved.

New Contributor I
Congratulation and thank for your prompt reaction, all syntax (textarea) problem resolved.
Kind regards
New Contributor I
Hi always me....

When you use Opera browser with your site (all operating system)
you must wait 5 minutes before to see selector of pages back, or never, some times.
I don't know if is an ip locked by my firewall, but is very strange.
25 faults CSS are given by console browser but i think problem is not here..

I think better that you add an link (mail report problem site) in bottom your page for
receive private echange...

Kind regards.

25 faults CSS can be normal for unconditional compatibility with 3 different graphic engine possible (used by browser type).
I think this issue is solved about browser being too slow when refreshing the page. It doesn't happen to me any more.

If not, please let me know.

New Contributor I
Hi Jennifer
Sorry no change observed..
IE8,IE9 first entry access site and
Opera browser always catastrophic. number page 12343... absent
Without the specific problem first entry (no cache)
generally three browser mentioned largely slow exceptionally with your site .
I don't understand opera use Gecko same Firefox ????
if problem address locked by firewall Firefox must also not working correctly but working perfectly.
Strange problem....
if can help you,You want i send to you result all line libcap tcpdump represent the call access ?.
Better that also , you call an other user for confirm problem.
Best regards
When page as opened; one process thread is perpetually persistent not ended.
all browser ; Firefox included , problem is here ???

Hi about opera browser
I have wrote before : Opera browser always catastrophic. number page 12343... absent
when you stop manually search with X button you have immediately number page 1 2 3 4 3 ...option
prove as one process address (before) is locked by firewall. (opera:config)Timeout keep parameter browser
have not effect.
If you using Apache decrease or inform an value from Directive (KeepAliveTimeout) or equivalent if you
have an different type server.
Problem IE8,IE9 is differnet (first entry)you have task bar at bottom given finished (Done) with
blank page and cursor mouse passive , only after 2 ' or 5' you have page site.
If i have denounce problem , is several users can think that site not working .. and outing.

(Jennifer ; Not important without this small problem, the Site working very well , perfectly..)
Best regards

New Contributor I
Hi Jennifer ,team site
I confirm that problem of long time wait ,for first access is resolved now.
Browser (IE8,IE9,OPERA)
Kind regards


(Test verification paste external buffer toTexaera with Microsoft engine IE8)


int main(void)
puts("Hello World!");


I see isperfect,exactly same origine ,without problem.