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Static analyzer for modern C++ 64-bit resource-intensive applications

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Meet a new version of our static code analyzer PVS-Studio 3.50.

PVS-Studio is a tool intended for analyzing the source code of C/C++ applications which integrates into the Visual Studio development environment. We, the Russian company OOO "Program Verification Systems", are the developers of this tool. PVS-Studio includes two analyzers:


Viva64 is good at detecting flaws in the code of 64-bit applications. It will help you reduce the cost of porting 32-bit code to 64-bit systems and create new safe 64-bit applications. See the section "64-bit lessons" on our company's site to learn more about the topic of 64-bit software development.

VivaMP lets developers detect many type errors they make when mastering and exploiting OpenMP technology. It will help you in mastering the parallel programming technology and integrating OpenMP technology into the software development process.

Download the demo-version of PVS-Studio by the link:

The new version of our tool has seven very important new features:

  • PVS-Studio now supports Visual Studio 2010 RC. Although this version of Visual Studio has not been officially released yet, we already have the support for this environment in our tool. From this time on PVS-Studio can integrate into Visual Studio 2010 and check projects in this environment. Visual Studio 2010's Help system has been changed, so the Help system of PVS-Studio analyzer cannot integrate into the documentation yet as in Visual Studio 2005/2008. But what is good, you are still welcome to use the online-help. PVS-Studio also has partial support for Visual Studio 2010 RC.
  • We have implemented support for the standard C++0x with the same quality as in Visual Studio 2010 RC. It includes: support of lambda-expressions, auto, decltype, static_assert, nullptr and so on. In the future, as Visual C++ will be providing fuller support for C++0x standard, you will also be able to enjoy support of the new features of the C++ language in PVS-Studio analyzer.
  • You will get a PDF-version of the Help system as well. Now we ship a 45-page PDF-document in the PVS-Studio distribution kit. This is a copy of our Help system (the one that integrates into MSDN in Visual Studio 2005/2008 and can be viewed online).
  • PVS-Studio now has a new convenient mechanism of automatic check for new versions of the tool on our site. If the option CheckForNewVersions is enabled, the tool will start checking for its own updates on the company's site as you launch the code analysis (using the commands Check Current File, Check Current Project or Check Solution in PVS-Studio menu).
  • Now you may launch testing of your projects with PVS-Studio not only from Visual Studio environment but using the command line as well. Please note that it is still Visual Studio where the check will be performed involving the files of projects (.vcproj) and solutions (.sln), but the analysis will be started from the command line instead of IDE. You will find this way of launching the tool convenient if you perform regular testing of your code with the help of build systems or continuous integration systems.
  • We have added a new diagnostic message V1212: Data race risk. When accessing the array 'foo' in a parallel loop, different indexes are used for writing and reading.
  • You will be glad to see a code signature certificate added into the new version of our tool - it will let you make sure that our distribution kit is authentic and therefore see fewer annoying messages generated by the operating system while installing the analyzer.

We sincerely hope that the new version of PVS-Studio tool will be appreciated both by our current and new users!

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