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System freez in release mode

Hallo @All

i'am using Intel C++ Composer XE 2011 Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010, Version 12.0.1029.2010 and if i'am compiling in release mode, sometimes the hole system freez. I'am using windows 7 x64.

The problem is, i can't reproduce it, sometimes it works 5 Times, sometimes only 2. But i'am shure, that the compile works, if i delete the "Release" diretory.

Do you have anyidears ?

Best Regards,

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A freeze-up can be caused by several reasons, including hardware and software.

Can you find the stuck process in the Task Manager? Using ctrl-alt-delete or otherwise, start the Task Manager, select the Processes tab, and sort by decreasing order of CPU usage. You may need to select "show .. all users" . Note the name of the process at the top.

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