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Two Monitors on Ubuntu on Intel MPL Motherboard



i have two monitors. the monitors are of special type. they have buttons on the side to switch between video input and other inputs. the motherboard of my controller originally had a VGA input and an LVDS input. To be able to use the monitors we put an LVDS to VGA adaptor so that we have two VGA outputs now.

when i connect the two monitors to the controllers using Ubuntu, everythings initially works fine and the two monitors are displaying in a mirrored or extended mode. when i press the button to the side of one of the monitors to go to another input and come back, nothing is being displayed (and here is my problem)

when i install windows, everything works find even if switch away from the VGA and come back.

I am suspecting that there is a problem in the driver

i have spend quit a time trying to figure out the problem but with no luck. please help me

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I don't see the relationship of your question to Intel C or C++ compilers. If you think it's related to Ubuntu, an Ubuntu forum would be a more likely way to get a discussion going.
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