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Unable to reinstall Parallel Studio XE 2017 IDE integration

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I am using Parallel XE 2017 update 4 with Visual Studio 2017 Community edition.

Yesterday, I updated the VTune component from update 3 to 4. The other components were already at 4. 
Today, I could not load Intel C++ projects - VS closed when I tried to open a solution.

Eventually, I completely uninstalled everything - XE, VS, all extensions and reinstalled from scratch with newly downloaded .exe files.

During the Intel installation, there were no questions about IDE integration and there is no sign of integration in VS.

When I open VS, it shows a file ...\documentation_2017\en\ps2017\startup_prof_wc.htm, but otherwise there is no reference to Intel tools in the tools menu or the help menu.

What should I do now?

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