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Unable to switch to Intel c++ compiler in CudaRuntime project in x64 platform only in VS2010


Recently, I immigrate my CudaRuntime project from VS2008 to VS2010.

The previous code works fine using Intel c++ compiler(Intel Parallel Studio XE) and Nvidia nvcc compiler in


however, When I move my x64 CudaRuntime project to VS2010, I simply couldn't switch from MS

compiler to Intel c++ compiler, or even enable Intel C++ compiler for some specific .cpp files.

after many tests (empty cudaruntime win32 project, empty cudaruntime x64 project, normal

non-cuda related win32 and x64 project and other similiar example projects)

I found out that:

1. for non-cuda related project (win32 or x64) everything works fine.

2. for cudaRuntime win32 project, everything works fine.

3. for cudaRuntime x64 project, I simply couldn't switch to Intel c++ compiler.

I upload some photos here:

I click ok for selecting Intel c++ compiler for compute.cpp file, but nothing changed or happened

I failed to switch on Intel c++ compiler.

Is there any CompilerIDEPluginUpdate for VS2010 to solve this problem?

Mark Sabahi upload a update for VS2008 for addressing the issue i encountered before,

for more information, please check with this link:

Could you help me out of this, thanks and very appreciate!!!
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I am soon getting a system to reproduce this issue.
Will let you know soon if we can come out with patches for this.
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Please read this articel - It describles the differences of IDE integrations with VS2008 and VS2010.

Because of the interfaces changed from VS2008 to VS2010, our IDE integration also changed.

Let us know if this helps.

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Could you please let us know if the article Jennifer Jiang referrenced above helped you resolve this issue. By the way, the article refers to ICProjConvert120.exe which resides in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\shared files\ia32\Bin folder for a VS2008 installation.

You said converting Microsoft projects to x64 projects in VS2008 worked fine for you. So, if the information in the above referrenced article did not help, rather than converting your Microsoft x64 project to Intel project directly in VS2010, you could try converting it to Intel project in VS2008 IDE, close VS2008, and then load the Intel converted project in VS2010. At this point, the project should have already been converted and loaded as an Intel project in VS2010. Please let us know if this works.

If none of the above works, please send us one of the empty Cuda x64 projects that you said you experimented with in your earlier comminucation so we can reproduce this problem and root cause the problem.

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