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Using 30-day trial version with Code::Blocks?

Hello all.

I'd like to download the 30-day trial version of Intel C++ for Windows 11.1 and use it as a plugin with Code::Blocks IDE. However, I saw this comment on the download site:

"In order to install and use the Intel C++ Compiler for Windows product, you must have already installed a supported Microsoft development product."

Am I actually able to do this (try it for 30-days with Code::Blocks)? Thanks in advance.

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even if the post is very old, I want to answer it. It may help others:

A complete list of software requirements is always included in the release notes. For the actual Intel C++ Composer XE 2011 for Windows* you need a software development environment from Microsoft because of some libs and tools. A complete list for this release can be found at:

For example to build 32 bit applications from command line with the Composer XE 2011 you need either a version of Microsoft Visual Studio or a version of Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition installed. You find more info about that with the exact versions needed in the release notes.

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