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VS Profiler Instrumentation of dlls compiled with Intel Compiler 16.0


Hi all,

we are experiencing some problems when trying to profile a dll with the Visual Studio Profiler in instrumentation mode. Our setup is such that we compile VS 2015 or 2010 solutions with the Intel Compiler 16.0 Update 4 and base toolset v100 (from VS 2010).  

We use the profiler to start the application that uses our dll, which then causes one of two errors: either our application throws an exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" and crashes, or an error "Error VSP1033: The file 'my.dll' does not contain a recognized executable image." appears and the profiling does not even start.

I tried profiling the most simple dll in our context, and surprisingly it worked. As soon as I introduce some STL code (for example allocate some std::vector) the exception appears again. 

We had this problem on both, Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs.

We're trying to make the VS Profiler work since we just recently migrated our compiler and we like to preserve some comparability with older profiling results.

Any hints on how to solve this or why this might not work are well appreciated.

Thank you!

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