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Version 15.0 of the compiler is now available. Intel® Software Development Tools 2015 Beta program is now closed.


Hello Intel® C++ User Forum,

Thank you for your participation in the Intel® Software Development Tools 2015 Beta program.  The Beta program is now closed.  Thanks to your invaluable feedback, the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 products are now available for download from the Intel® Registration Center.

Your beta license and software will continue to function until September 25, 2014. You are welcome to continue testing this software and entering bug reports via However, once you complete your testing, we recommend removing all beta software and your beta license. Please see your product documentation or release notes for instructions on software removal.

We look forward to sharing our new products with you!


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Try out the new Intel® Software Development Tools 2015 Beta and help make our product better. Registration is easy through the site. Additional information can be found at

This suite of products brings together exciting new technologies along with improvements to Intel’s existing software development tools (more details below): 

  • Expanded Standards and Platform Support Intel® Composer XE 2015 Beta, including full language support for C++11 (/Qstd=c++11 or -std=c++11) and Fortran 2003, Fortran 2008 BLOCK, and OpenMP* 4.0 (except user-defined reductions). Also includes offload to Intel® Graphics Technology, new icl compilers for OS X* for improved Clang*/LLVM* compatibility, and new optimization reporting.  
  • Optimized Cluster Sparse Solver - New Parallel direct sparse Solvers for clusters (CPARDISO) and optimizations for the latest Intel® Architectures with the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 11.2 Beta!  
  • Profiling Advances - Improved hardware support for the Intel® Graphics Technology and Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) analysis, OS X* view capability, and remote collection for Linux* systems with the new Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2015 Beta!  
  • Accelerated Memory & Threading Debug - Up to 3x performance improvement and reduction in memory overhead with with Intel® Inspector XE 2015 Beta!  
  • Application Scaling - Scale your application by modeling with threading and “what-if’ senarios quickly with Intel® Advisor XE 2015 Beta!  
  • MPI-3 Standards Support Get highly-optimized out-of-the-box performance for your MPI applications with the Intel® MPI Library 5.0 Beta!  
  • MPI Performance Assistant Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector 9.0 Beta!  In addition to support for the latest MPI-3 features, the new Performance Assistant automatically detects common MPI performance issues and quickly provides resolution tips.

If you are ready to get started, follow this link to complete the pre-beta survey, register, and download the beta software:

For more details and information about this beta program, check out the Intel® Software Development Tools 2015 Beta page, which includes additional information in the FAQ and What’s New documents.

Any questions?

For beta participation questions or to opt-out of further contact with Intel, please reply to this email.  Refer to the Intel Privacy Policy for more details.

We greatly value your input in helping us release quality products.


The Intel Software Development Products Beta Program Team
Developer Products Division
Intel Corporation

Additional Details

  • Intel® Advisor XE - Improvements include scaling to a larger number of processors and improved viewing and advanced modeling of suitability information on both Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.
    • Suitability modeling for Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors is available as an experimental feature by setting the environment variable ADVIXE_EXPERIMENTAL=suitability_xeon_phi_modeling
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE - Added support for remote collection from the GUI, new GPU and TSX analysis, and the ability to view your results on Mac* computers.
  • Intel® Inspector XE - For thread checking, take advantage of 3X performance improvement and reduction in memory overhead. For memory checking take advantage of advancements in the on-demand leak detection and memory growth controls as well as the brand new memory usage graph.
  • Intel® MKL  - Introducing new Parallel Direct Sparse Solvers for clusters (CPARDISO) and optimizations for the latest Intel® Architectures.  Get insight into Intel® MKL’s settings via new verbose mode and take advantage of the Intel® MKL Cookbook to help assemble the correct routines for solving complex problems.
  • Intel® Composer - Gain new insights into optimization opportunities such as vectorization or inlining with redesigned optimization reports (/Qopt-report or -opt-report). Exploit Intel® Graphics Technology for additional performance with new offload computing APIs. Use the new "icl" and "icl++" compilers on OS X* for improved compatibility with the clang/LLVM* toolchain.  The Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives has added support for the Intel® Xeon® Phi™ co-processor.
    • Existing users of optimization reports (opt-report, vec-report, openmp-report, or par-report) or the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux (-ansi-alias is now default) should refer to the product release notes for more information
  • Intel® MPI Library - Now’s the time to take advantage of the new MPI-3 functionality, such as non-blocking collectives, and fast one-sided communication.  This release ensures binary compatibility with existing codes.
  • Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector - Extract complete insight into your distributed memory application and quickly find performance bottlenecks and MPI issues.  In addition to support for the latest MPI-3 features, the new Performance Assistant automatically detects common MPI performance issues and quickly provides resolution tips.

Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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I've installed 2015 Beta on CentOS on my system with dual Xeon Phi 5110P's. From command line I can build applications fine and run on Host and MIC. The problem now is I want to integrate XE 2015 with Eclipse Kepler. Following the integration instructions proceeds without error.

Build of "Hello World" project fails due to Tool Chain still pointing at older version XE 2013. It would be nice if there were a converter for the existing projects. Note, I am unable to edit the selected Tool Chain.

When I create a new project. It appears as if the new tool chain is constructed properly. However the paths are bunged up since

#include < iostream >

Cannot locate iostream

This is likely an issue with the new installation of Eclipse not finding the standard include files for GCC. I will have to try building using the GCC tool chain to see if same error shows.

Another issue from Eclipse:

Help | Help Contents | Intel(R) C++ Composer XE 2015 Documentation for Linux* OS

Gets you to an html page with Start Here. Clicking on Start Here gets you to small help screen with none of the links active.

If there is a better place to submit issues for Beta 2015, please let me know.

Jim Dempsey

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ippm is missed

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ippm.h is missed and so is the library files. for both beta and prod versions.

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You can see the informaion about missed several domains in IPP 8.2 in IPP Release Notes:

  • In preparation for deprecation in a future release, the following domains are no longer installed by default:

    For this release, the domains are still available for installation, see below for details. Further details on the deprecation plans for these domains will be provided at when appropriate.

    • Audio Coding (ippAC)

    • Speech Coding (ippSC)

    • Image Compression (ippJP)

    • Video Coding (ippVC)

    • Small Matrices (ippMX)

    • Realistic Rendering (ippRR)

    • Generated Transforms (ippGEN)

    • Data Integrity (ippDI)


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Thanks for your reply. Doesn't this mean that the new version is not compatible with old version? 



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Hi Jin,

what do you mean "not compatible with old version"? We only marked several IPP domains as deprecated (so it is possble that the domains will not supported in the future and will be removed from IPP package at all) and the domains are not installed by default. But in any cases you can install and use them.


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I am also missing ippm. I manually checked all libs under IPP in the installation of Parallel Studio 2015, but it looks like ippm is not one of them (screenshot attached). Is it officially out or is there something I am doing wrong?

Are there alternatives for ippmQRBackSubst_mv_32f, ippmMul_mv_32f, ippmInvert_m_32f?




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Hi Daniel,

on the attached screen I see you choose ippMX "Small Matrixes" domain for installation - it is ippm domain :-) So you have it.


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