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I converted from Visual Studio 2013 with Intel C++ fifteen to Visual Studio 2015 with Intel C++ seventeen (rev 4). Since the recent compiler remains put in on my system, I will choose to make with C++ seventeen with "Base Platform Toolset" v120 in Visual Studio 2015. What i am seeing is that Visual Studio 2015 + C++ seventeen + v140_xp offers American state app developer nearly precisely the same performance as Visual Studio 2013 + C++ fifteen + v120_xp. Oddly but, if I replace v140_xp by v120_xp, the performance improves by 2-3%. I've continual this take a look at multiple times and every time i am finding improvement numbers between one.8 and 3.7%.
I will imagine that sure Windows calls may have gotten additional or more cost-effective, however the code that is suffering from this can be calculation-heavy code. Now, I may simply opt to compile with v120_xp, however that has many drawbacks. I upgraded to the new Visual Studio thanks to a bug fix within the std::chrono library, that after all is not on the market in v120. and a few of my comes have link errors once mistreatment v120_xp (which I will fix by linking to some v140 libraries, however that feels extraordinarily scary).
2-3% is not a lot of, however it is a shame to loose performance for no smart reason. thus i used to be hoping that somebody here may offer some insight in however the bottom Platform Toolset will have an effect on the performance of calculations.
(Note: this can be a project of seven MB, thus i actually cannot post associate degree example file).
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