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Where is the hardware library for Intel c compiler?



Hi all,

I'm having trouble understanding the concept of Parallel Studio.

where is the hardware library? What folder is it in? How do we use the command line to compile source code made in notepad?

how do we create a bare metal native code ia-32 binary capable of running on boot from DVD outside of any operating system?

Intel customer support is terrible, even with a paid license, they aren't helping.

I don't want to make Windows executables, how do I compile bare metal binaries that can run from SPI flash?

How do we make ia-32 firmware with Intel C Compiler? I cannot figure this out, where is the hardware library, and where can I find code examples for using hardware components native to the CPU? I am trying to code for the Intel Atom D410pt. And I need access to its hardware library.  Thanks!








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I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty.  We don't generally handle questions like you raise in this forum.  Intel is a big company and most folks are specialized to a narrow area.  It sounds like you are doing embedded work.  I did a little hunting around and you might start reading here: ;  On that page there are also links to further information for learning, and for community forums where hopefully you can get pointed in the right direction.  Good luck.  --Melanie

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