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Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 Users - Please update to 11.1.048 or newer

The Intel C++ Compiler for Windows 11.1.048 (update 2 revised) version has just released. It contains the complete fix for a bug DPD200139120 - installation hangs on Windows 7.

You can download it from Intel Registration Center or from our eval center.


Errata Reference Number DPD200139120

Problem: Applications built with the Intel C++ and Visual Fortran Compilers Professional Edition, version 11.1, or Intel Parallel Composer may hang or encounter a segmentation-fault when run on Microsoft* Windows 7* or Windows Server 2008* R2. Also, a similar issue may occur during installation of these compiler versions on these operating system versions.


  • Intel C++ & Visual Fortran Compilers for Windows* 11.1 initial release and update 1 release:
    • Intel C++ & Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* 11.1.035
    • Intel C++ & Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* 11.1.038
  • Intel Parallel Studio
  • Intel Parallel Composer initial release, and update 1 release

Previous versions of the Intel Compilers (version 11.0 or earlier) do not have this issue. Please refer to the corresponding Release Notes for additional information on minimum system requirements for which operating systems are supported by that product version.

For applications built with the Intel Compilers version 11.1, the problem is contained within the libirc.lib, libircmt.lib on Windows.


For the Intel Compiler Professional Editions 11.1, this issue is resolved in update release 11.1.048 available on Intel Registration Center.

For Intel Parallel Composer, this issue is resolved in the update 2 revised release, available on Intel Registration Center.

Intel is still validating these configurations and will update the Systems Requirements when validation is complete.

Please find additional information on the install issue here and here

Intel Compilers Support Team

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others

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