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Windows: CUDA 6.5 and Intel Compiler (2015)?


I've been trying to find an authoritative answer for this, but everything is a few years old.  Can the Intel compiler be used with CUDA 6.5 or 7.0 on Windows / Visual Studio 2013?

I did manage to get it to work for a few hours, but then Visual Studio crashed hard and had to be repaired, and that broke it. 

Is there support for using CUDA 6.5 or 7.0 with the Intel Compiler (2015)?

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Similar problem here.

I installed VS2013 Pro Update 4 and Intel C++ ComposerXE 2015 Update4 and they worked for about two weeks. I had CUDA 6, then I installed CUDA 7.5 RC, and found my VS2013 crashes whenever I say clean/build/rebuild. It crashes even for a simple hello world project. 

I uninstalled everything (CUDA, Intel, VS2013), installed VS2013 back, created a new Hello World project, builds. Installed Intel C++ ComposerXE 2015 Update4 again, my hello world crashes immediately. I installed same VS2013 and Intel ComposerXE on another machine today, it is working so far. 

Curtis, I see in another post you cleaned some .db3 and .sdf file and it workd, but this does not work for me.. 

Anyone has similar problem and what is your solution?

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