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I'm sorry if this is not the correct forum for this issue but I couldn't find another one that seemed to pertain to it.  I've been using various versions of Parallel Studio XE for C/C++ development on Windows for several years using an academic floating license good for 3 seats.  Each time I have to install a new version I waste more time and frustration than I've ever spent installing any other product just trying to stumble through what I view as the most convoluted and non-intuitive licensing procedure I've ever encountered.  I believe the size of the licensing FAQ itself speaks for itself in this regard and I am obviously too dense to comprehend it.  This is always a real humbling experience to say the least.

One of my computers recently crashed and when I tried to install a license on its replacement it kept telling me that the serial number was already in use, and when I tried to upload a license file it said it was not valid.  I'll take a wild guess and assume that somehow all three of my seats are already in use, although I think I actually only used two.  I haven't found a way to check this type of thing.  At this point I'd simply like to wipe out all active seats and start over, but I can find no mention of how to do this.  If I must actually uninstall the application to free a seat, how do I do it from a crashed computer?

I apologize for all the venting and I would appreciate some suggestions other than what I've already stumbled through in the FAQ. 


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Can you submit a ticket at so that the licensing team will look into your licence files.



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