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compilation problems in 32b-target/64b-host C dll including fortran static libs



First of all, i precise that i have ifort (fortran) compiler 2011, and icl (C/C++) compiler 2013 : for each compiler, i execute before in the prompt command the suitable compilervars.bat.i hope that the difference in the date version is not boring.

i want to link object files (compiled by icl) and static libraries (compiled by ifort), in order to get a dll, using libifcoremt.lib , etc..

With a Windows 7 OS 64 bits:

* when i compile a 64 bits dll, it is ok.

* With the same configuration, when i compile a 32 bits dll, i have unresolved external symbols :

libifcoremt.lib(for_open.obj) : error LNK2019: symbole externe non résolu __QWINGetTitle référencé dans la fonction _for__update_reopen_keywords.
ifconsol.lib(for_m_console.obj) : error LNK2019: symbole externe non résolu ___FF_error référencé dans la fonction __QWINGethWnd

I precise that i do not want to use quickwin !! it is only a numeric dll, no graphic !

Does anybody have an explaination ? Thanks a lot.

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Do you use USE IFQWIN statement in Fortran sources? Also, it is a good idea to follow up on Intel Fortran for Windows forum since there are lots of experts there. Thanks in advance.