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configuration in code blocks IDE under Linux

im new to Intel's C/C++ compiler, please explain the configuration in Code Blocks with enough details, such as (c compiler, linker ...) code blocks doesnt seen wise enough to do this automatically , and i dont know the any other toolchain executable config than gnu gcc.
if u prefer any other IDE ( mono develop, code lite, dev c++ ) to work with intel's compiler please tell me with detail and configure, actually i used to search about this, due to using linux platform there was no clear answer for a beginner like me . thanks
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If you use Eclipse, Intel provides integration and documentation. I am personally not a fan of Eclipse, but it seems to be the standard development platform for Linux.

Keep in mind also under Linux you might run into issues with different IDE's and how they build. if they use a bash shell, then you need to make sure that is run to setup the path to the Intel compiler and tools

But if you start with Eclipse, you will at least have an environment and IDE to start with.