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how to un-install C++ compiler in fedora 10-12??? i need to re-install(missing dependencies now fixed)


hi everyone,

i just joined the forum here at intel, and i have a question...

i have installed ICC complier on my fedora 12 system, and i messed up my install, as i was missing

some dependencies, and clearly wasn't paying close enough attention!

now i have gotten all of the necessary stuff installed, but if i and run the script:

The Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Linux* 11.1 is already

If you want to reinstall the Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for
Linux* 11.1
please uninstall current version and run install script again.
Press "Enter" key to quit:

only problem is i cannot find where it has installed, and how to uninstall it. after some googling, i read there should be an "" in the install dir - but i have had no luck finding this .sh anywhere on my system..

any help would be greatly appreciated..

i plan to do some comparisons using ICC instead for GCC for compiling multimedia related kernel/drivers/apps. i am excited to see the difference. i was inspired by those who descovered firefox was alot faster under linux using ICC instead of could be promising

thanks in advance!


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Black Belt

As the install script told you, the default location for root install is under /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/

If you selected another path, the uninstall script would go below there.

Normally, you would not need to repeat the install after accepting installation with missing prerequisites and then satisfying prerequisites afterwards.

If you deleted the uninstall script, you can use 'rpm -qa | grep intel' to find any Intel software tools installations which you might want to remove from rpmdb by 'rpm -e'