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icc 13.0.0 and gcc 4.8 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion


Dear All,

I am running a Mac OS X 10.8.5 and a Mac OS X 10.6.8. Until recently I had no problem to compile complex projets that were using C, C++ and Fortran code using icc and ifort 13.0.0 (20120731). I recently upgraded to gcc48 from Mac Port and now I cannot compile anymore C++ code (C and Fortran are fine). I reinstalled icc but it does not help and I get stuck. The problem is clearly an incompatibility with the STL headers of gcc.

Any known solution? Thanks.

icc --version

icc (ICC) 13.0.0 20120731
Copyright (C) 1985-2012 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

icc -std=c++11 src/tpsa.cpp
/opt/local/include/gcc48/c++/bits/alloc_traits.h(555): error: invalid type for defaulted assignment operator
__allow_copy_cons& operator=(__allow_copy_cons&&) = default;

/opt/local/include/gcc48/c++/bits/random.h(117): error: expression must have a constant value
+ std::__lg(__m) + 2>::type _Tp2;

/opt/local/include/gcc48/c++/bits/random.h(1642): error: invalid union member -- class "std::mersenne_twister_engine<uint_fast32_t={uint32_t={unsigned int}}, 32UL, 624UL, 397UL, 31UL, 2567483615U, 11UL, 4294967295U, 7UL, 2636928640U, 15UL, 4022730752U, 18UL, 1812433253U>" has a disallowed member function
mt19937 _M_mt;

/opt/local/include/gcc48/c++/bits/alloc_traits.h(57): error: expression must have a constant value
static const bool __value = _S_chk<_Alloc, _Tp>(nullptr);


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Please upgrade to our 14.0 compiler. Our 13.0 compiler was released over a year ago, before gcc 4.8 even existed.

Please refer to Appendix A of this document where it says only GNU versions 4.1.x through 4.7.x are supported:

Let us know if you see any problems after you upgrade to 14.0.



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