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icc with Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Linux


Hi, I have installed Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Linux which include C++ compiler. I sourced the "compilervars" script. But when I want to use "icc file.c", there is this message error: -bash: icc: command not found. Indeed, when I use "which icc" it indicates that there is no icc but I don't understand why and what I can do to correct this and set my C++ compiler.

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I continually fall in the pothole of failing to request an acceptable library combination. One would think such libraries would be included in the c++ install selection and not present a separate option to leave them out. If you review your selections before proceeding, you should see for example that c++ selection will uncheck if you don't also select tbb. Return to your install menu with Modify and check this.
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