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icpc compiler and bounds checking

I want to turn on bounds checking when I compile using icpc. to perform runtime bounds checkking on arrays. [program is mixed C and C++ modules, several static arrays]

modules loaded: intel/cce_11.1.046 and intel/fce_11.1.046

when I search icpc and bounds checking online i find that variously says to use:


alas, none of these are recognized by my compiler.

So here is the question:
* is it still possible to do run time bounds checking of arrays ?
* if so, what is the option flag?
* if so, have our system engineers failed to install or add pieces to the compiler ? what should I tell them to do ?
* what am I missing ?

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Are you compiling on Windows, Mac, or Linux host?

Intel C++ Compiler for Windows supports compatability with Microsoft C++ compiler options. The option to enable runtime checks, on Windows, may be specified by the compiler option

Windows RTC runtime checks are supported for local arrays, not static arrays.

The option /RTC is available only on Windows.

On Linux/Mac, you might find the option -fstack-security-check to be useful. According to thecompiler documentation "This option determines whether the compiler generates code that detects some buffer overruns that overwrite the return address. This is a common technique for exploiting code that does not enforce buffer size restrictions."

Generally speaking, array indexing checking, as is available in languages like Java, Adaand Fortran, is not available in C++.

You may want to repost your question on a different forum: Intel C++ Compiler


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