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idb debugger fails to display


Hi This is an installation problem that I'm haivng with the intel 12.0 compiler.

I'm trying to find out why I can not bring up the intel 12.0 idb gui. The install is a 32 bit intel compiler on a 64 bit Redhat linux machine.
After setting my display environment and then try to start idb & , it does not display and gives an exit 13 error. I look in my log file and see all sorts of eclipse bundle errors.
Does anyone know what eclipse version I should have installed ? and what is the problem.

The version on eclipse I have is Helios.

Oops forgot to mention that java greater than 1.5 is installed.

Best ...

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Hello, the IDB GUI is based on Eclipse but does not require a dedicated installation of it. The only requirement is a supported Java VM: Sun/Oracle/JRockit; GNU Java/Kaffee, which is typically the default, is not supported. The Java VM must also be 32 bit in your case. If you start the 32 bit version of IDB GUI a 32 bit Java VM is required, ditto for 64 bit. Make sure "which java" points to such a VM. Please let me know if this helped. For debug solution questions we have a dedicated forum meanwhile, which you might want to use for such questions: Best regards, Georg Zitzlsberger
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