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inline assembly for arrays


my code fails to run though they compile well. any help? see the snipet codes below

void tom::Transform(void* btr)


__declspec(align(16)) short* block =(short*)btr;

int j;

if(_mode != QuantOnly) ///< 2 = Q only.




mov eax,block // load first row

movq mm1, [eax] // load fist row

movq mm2, [eax+8] // load second row

movq mm3, [eax+16] // load the third row

movq mm4, [eax+24] //load the fourth row

// Step one

punpcklwd mm1, mm2

punpcklwd mm3, mm4

movq mm5, mm1

punpckldq mm1, mm3

punpckhdq mm5, mm3

movq [ecx], mm1

movq [ecx+8], mm5

movq mm1, [eax]

movq mm2, [eax+8]

movq mm3, [eax+16]

movq mm4, [eax+24]

// Step two

punpckhwd mm1, mm2

punpckhwd mm3, mm4

movq mm5, mm1

punpckldq mm1, mm3

punpckhdq mm5, mm3

movq [ecx+16], mm1

movq [ecx+24], mm5

// buterfly

mov eax,block

movq mm1, [ecx]

movq mm2, [ecx+8]

movq mm3, [ecx+16]

movq mm4, [ecx+24]

paddw mm1, mm4 // mm1 + mm4

paddw mm2, mm3 // mm2+ mm3

movq [eax], mm1

movq [eax+8], mm2

movq mm1, [ecx]

movq mm2, [ecx+8]

psubw mm2, mm3 // mm1 - mm2

psubw mm1, mm4 // mm0 - mm3

movq [eax+16], mm2

movq [eax+24], mm1

mov edx,block

movq mm1,[eax]

movq mm2,[eax+8]

movq mm3,[eax+16]

movq mm4,[eax+24]

paddw mm1, mm2// mm0 + mm1

psllw mm4,1 //mm4<<1

paddw mm3, mm4 // mm3+ mm4<<1

movq [edx], mm1

movq [edx+8], mm3

movq mm1,[eax]

movq mm2, [eax+8]

psubw mm1, mm2// mm0 - mm1

movq mm3, [eax+16]

movq mm4, [eax+24]

psllw mm3,1 //mm3<<1

psubw mm4, mm3 // mm4 - mm3<<1

movq [edx+16], mm1

movq [edx+24], mm4



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Black Belt
There can be any number of reasons and many ways for a program to "fail to run". The snippet of inline assembly code that you code is relevant only if you can establish that it is, in fact, this part of the entire program that is responsible for the "failure".

A program part that can be compiled may exhibit unsatisfied externals at link time, and execution errors at run-time.

Please provide a more complete description of what else goes into the program, which compiler was used, the compiler options in effect, the operating system, and what you mean by "fail to run".
Black Belt
>> __declspec(align(16)) short* block =(short*)btr;

Only declares that the pointer "block" is aligned to 16 byte boundry
It does not declare, nor enforces, that what block points to is aligned (in this case what the void* btr points to). Your coding will not declare that btr must be aligned to 16 byte boundary.

However, since your asm code is only referencing memory via movq, the alignment requirement has bearing on your problem.

I suggest you step through the code and see what else is wrong.

Jim Dempsey
Valued Contributor I
>>movq [ecx], mm1

You are using ECX as a pointer to an output buffer, but you are not setting it to any value beforehand.

This is obviously a C++ code so ECX should already contain this pointer, but:

1. I do not think that is guaranteed behavior -- IMO compiler is free to save/restore register values as it sees fit.

2. You did not show the class definition so your intention is not clear -- does class object have adequate buffer which starts at this address?