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-ip cause invalid result for i386 (32_64 universal package)


Hi there

We have complied our application with intel C++ complier 11.1.088 with -ip set(Enable Interprocedural Optimization for Single File Compilation), on Mac 10.6.3, with xcode 3.2.1 for i386 and x86_64 (32_64 universal binary package).

We have verified that the i386 release version is generating incorrect result, and the x86_64 is still outputting the good result. And by removing the -ip option, both of them are outputting good result.

To show you the issue, we have extracted a portion of our code to form a test bed. We think the complier is performing invalid optimisation, please advise.


namespace datatypes
	typedef int8_t     int8;
	typedef int16_t    int16;
	typedef int32_t    int32;
	typedef int64_t    int64;
	typedef uint8_t    uint8;
	typedef uint16_t   uint16;
	typedef uint32_t   uint32;
	typedef uint64_t   uint64;

static const datatypes::uint32 Te4[256] =
	0x63636363U, 0x7c7c7c7cU, 0x77777777U, 0x7b7b7b7bU,
	0xf2f2f2f2U, 0x6b6b6b6bU, 0x6f6f6f6fU, 0xc5c5c5c5U,
	0x30303030U, 0x01010101U, 0x67676767U, 0x2b2b2b2bU,
	0xfefefefeU, 0xd7d7d7d7U, 0xababababU, 0x76767676U,
	0xcacacacaU, 0x82828282U, 0xc9c9c9c9U, 0x7d7d7d7dU,
	0xfafafafaU, 0x59595959U, 0x47474747U, 0xf0f0f0f0U,
	0xadadadadU, 0xd4d4d4d4U, 0xa2a2a2a2U, 0xafafafafU,
	0x9c9c9c9cU, 0xa4a4a4a4U, 0x72727272U, 0xc0c0c0c0U,
	0xb7b7b7b7U, 0xfdfdfdfdU, 0x93939393U, 0x26262626U,
	0x36363636U, 0x3f3f3f3fU, 0xf7f7f7f7U, 0xccccccccU,
	0x34343434U, 0xa5a5a5a5U, 0xe5e5e5e5U, 0xf1f1f1f1U,
	0x71717171U, 0xd8d8d8d8U, 0x31313131U, 0x15151515U,
	0x04040404U, 0xc7c7c7c7U, 0x23232323U, 0xc3c3c3c3U,
	0x18181818U, 0x96969696U, 0x05050505U, 0x9a9a9a9aU,
	0x07070707U, 0x12121212U, 0x80808080U, 0xe2e2e2e2U,
	0xebebebebU, 0x27272727U, 0xb2b2b2b2U, 0x75757575U,
	0x09090909U, 0x83838383U, 0x2c2c2c2cU, 0x1a1a1a1aU,
	0x1b1b1b1bU, 0x6e6e6e6eU, 0x5a5a5a5aU, 0xa0a0a0a0U,
	0x52525252U, 0x3b3b3b3bU, 0xd6d6d6d6U, 0xb3b3b3b3U,
	0x29292929U, 0xe3e3e3e3U, 0x2f2f2f2fU, 0x84848484U,
	0x53535353U, 0xd1d1d1d1U, 0x00000000U, 0xededededU,
	0x20202020U, 0xfcfcfcfcU, 0xb1b1b1b1U, 0x5b5b5b5bU,
	0x6a6a6a6aU, 0xcbcbcbcbU, 0xbebebebeU, 0x39393939U,
	0x4a4a4a4aU, 0x4c4c4c4cU, 0x58585858U, 0xcfcfcfcfU,
	0xd0d0d0d0U, 0xefefefefU, 0xaaaaaaaaU, 0xfbfbfbfbU,
	0x43434343U, 0x4d4d4d4dU, 0x33333333U, 0x85858585U,
	0x45454545U, 0xf9f9f9f9U, 0x02020202U, 0x7f7f7f7fU,
	0x50505050U, 0x3c3c3c3cU, 0x9f9f9f9fU, 0xa8a8a8a8U,
	0x51515151U, 0xa3a3a3a3U, 0x40404040U, 0x8f8f8f8fU,
	0x92929292U, 0x9d9d9d9dU, 0x38383838U, 0xf5f5f5f5U,
	0xbcbcbcbcU, 0xb6b6b6b6U, 0xdadadadaU, 0x21212121U,
	0x10101010U, 0xffffffffU, 0xf3f3f3f3U, 0xd2d2d2d2U,
	0xcdcdcdcdU, 0x0c0c0c0cU, 0x13131313U, 0xececececU,
	0x5f5f5f5fU, 0x97979797U, 0x44444444U, 0x17171717U,
	0xc4c4c4c4U, 0xa7a7a7a7U, 0x7e7e7e7eU, 0x3d3d3d3dU,
	0x64646464U, 0x5d5d5d5dU, 0x19191919U, 0x73737373U,
	0x60606060U, 0x81818181U, 0x4f4f4f4fU, 0xdcdcdcdcU,
	0x22222222U, 0x2a2a2a2aU, 0x90909090U, 0x88888888U,
	0x46464646U, 0xeeeeeeeeU, 0xb8b8b8b8U, 0x14141414U,
	0xdedededeU, 0x5e5e5e5eU, 0x0b0b0b0bU, 0xdbdbdbdbU,
	0xe0e0e0e0U, 0x32323232U, 0x3a3a3a3aU, 0x0a0a0a0aU,
	0x49494949U, 0x06060606U, 0x24242424U, 0x5c5c5c5cU,
	0xc2c2c2c2U, 0xd3d3d3d3U, 0xacacacacU, 0x62626262U,
	0x91919191U, 0x95959595U, 0xe4e4e4e4U, 0x79797979U,
	0xe7e7e7e7U, 0xc8c8c8c8U, 0x37373737U, 0x6d6d6d6dU,
	0x8d8d8d8dU, 0xd5d5d5d5U, 0x4e4e4e4eU, 0xa9a9a9a9U,
	0x6c6c6c6cU, 0x56565656U, 0xf4f4f4f4U, 0xeaeaeaeaU,
	0x65656565U, 0x7a7a7a7aU, 0xaeaeaeaeU, 0x08080808U,
	0xbabababaU, 0x78787878U, 0x25252525U, 0x2e2e2e2eU,
	0x1c1c1c1cU, 0xa6a6a6a6U, 0xb4b4b4b4U, 0xc6c6c6c6U,
	0xe8e8e8e8U, 0xddddddddU, 0x74747474U, 0x1f1f1f1fU,
	0x4b4b4b4bU, 0xbdbdbdbdU, 0x8b8b8b8bU, 0x8a8a8a8aU,
	0x70707070U, 0x3e3e3e3eU, 0xb5b5b5b5U, 0x66666666U,
	0x48484848U, 0x03030303U, 0xf6f6f6f6U, 0x0e0e0e0eU,
	0x61616161U, 0x35353535U, 0x57575757U, 0xb9b9b9b9U,
	0x86868686U, 0xc1c1c1c1U, 0x1d1d1d1dU, 0x9e9e9e9eU,
	0xe1e1e1e1U, 0xf8f8f8f8U, 0x98989898U, 0x11111111U,
	0x69696969U, 0xd9d9d9d9U, 0x8e8e8e8eU, 0x94949494U,
	0x9b9b9b9bU, 0x1e1e1e1eU, 0x87878787U, 0xe9e9e9e9U,
	0xcecececeU, 0x55555555U, 0x28282828U, 0xdfdfdfdfU,
	0x8c8c8c8cU, 0xa1a1a1a1U, 0x89898989U, 0x0d0d0d0dU,
	0xbfbfbfbfU, 0xe6e6e6e6U, 0x42424242U, 0x68686868U,
	0x41414141U, 0x99999999U, 0x2d2d2d2dU, 0x0f0f0f0fU,
	0xb0b0b0b0U, 0x54545454U, 0xbbbbbbbbU, 0x16161616U,

static const datatypes::uint32 rcon[] =
	0x01000000, 0x02000000, 0x04000000, 0x08000000,
	0x10000000, 0x20000000, 0x40000000, 0x80000000,
	0x1B000000, 0x36000000,

#define GETU32(plaintext) (((datatypes::uint32)(plaintext)[0] << 24) ^ \
((datatypes::uint32)(plaintext)[1] << 16) ^ \
((datatypes::uint32)(plaintext)[2] <<  8) ^ \

#define PUTU32(ciphertext, st) { (ciphertext)[0] = (datatypes::uint8)((st) >> 24); \
(ciphertext)[1] = (datatypes::uint8)((st) >> 16); \
(ciphertext)[2] = (datatypes::uint8)((st) >>  8); \
(ciphertext)[3] = (datatypes::uint8)(st); }

using namespace std;

void func(datatypes::uint32 *rk, const datatypes::uint8 *key)
	datatypes::int32 i = 0;
	datatypes::uint32 temp;
	datatypes::uint32 * org_rk = rk;
	rk[0] = GETU32(key     );
	rk[1] = GETU32(key +  4);
	rk[2] = GETU32(key +  8);
	rk[3] = GETU32(key + 12);
	for (;;)
		temp  = rk[3];
		rk[4] = rk[0] ^
		(Te4[(temp >> 16) & 0xff] & 0xff000000) ^
		(Te4[(temp >>  8) & 0xff] & 0x00ff0000) ^
		(Te4[(temp      ) & 0xff] & 0x0000ff00) ^
		(Te4[(temp >> 24)       ] & 0x000000ff) ^
		rk[5] = rk[1] ^ rk[4];
		rk[6] = rk[2] ^ rk[5];
		rk[7] = rk[3] ^ rk[6];
		if (++i == 10)
			// Note: 
			// error will only appeared if the following debug outputs are presented ;-x!!!!
			std::cout << "Te4 :\n";
			for (int idx=0; idx<128; idx++) 
				std::cout << std::hex << Te4[idx] << " ";
			std::cout << std::endl;
			std::cout << "rcon :\n";
			for (int idx=0; idx<10; idx++) 
				std::cout << std::hex << rcon[idx] << " ";
			std::cout << std::endl;
			std::cout << "rk :\n";
			for (int idx=0; idx<44; idx++) 
				std::cout << std::hex << org_rk[idx] << " ";
			std::cout << std::endl;
		rk += 4;

int main (int argc, char * const argv[]) 
	const unsigned char key[] = 
		0x25, 0x47, 0xfb, 0x5b, 
		0x51, 0x95, 0x46, 0x69, 
		0xa1, 0xa3, 0xf6, 0xa9, 
		0x9f, 0x66, 0x4b, 0xd7
	datatypes::uint32 rk[44];
	memset(rk, 0, 44*sizeof(datatypes::uint32));
	func(rk, key);
	// expected result returning from above func(...)
	const datatypes::uint32 expected[] = 
		0x2547fb5b, 0x51954669, 0xa1a3f6a9, 0x9f664bd7, 0x17f4f580, 0x4661b3e9, 0xe7c24540, 0x78a40e97, 
		0x5c5f7d3c, 0x1a3eced5, 0xfdfc8b95, 0x85588502, 0x32c80aab, 0x28f6c47e, 0xd50a4feb, 0x5052cae9, 
		0x3abc14f8, 0x124ad086, 0xc7409f6d, 0x97125584, 0xe3404b70, 0xf10a9bf6, 0x364a049b, 0xa158511f, 
		0xa9918b42, 0x589b10b4, 0x6ed1142f, 0xcf894530, 0x4eff8fc8, 0x16649f7c, 0x78b58b53, 0xb73cce63, 
		0x25747461, 0x3310eb1d, 0x4ba5604e, 0xfc99ae2d, 0xd090acd1, 0xe38047cc, 0xa8252782, 0x54bc89af, 
		0x8337d5f1, 0x60b7923d, 0xc892b5bf, 0x9c2e3c10
	if(memcmp(expected, rk, sizeof(expected)) == 0)
		std::cout << "Data matched\n";
		std::cout << "Data NOT match!!!\n";
    return 0;

Best Regards


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Hi there
We have just re-built the test @ Leopard OS X 10.5.7 with Xcode 3.1.2, Intel Compiler 11.1.088. The -ip option is working fine for both binaries.
So the problem is in the combination of SnowLeopard OS X 10.6.3 + Xcode 3.2.1 +Intel Compiler 11.1.088 + (-ip).
Hope the above information can provide you the better idea to identify the problem.
Best Regards
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Black Belt
See this related thread in the Intel Fortran compiler forum
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There is a known bug with the combination of -O3 and -ip optimization on ( system config - OSX 10.6.3, Xcode 3.2.x, icc 11.1.088)resulting in the data mismatch. The data matched when the option is set to -O2 and -ip or remove -ip when using -O3.

I will provide an update when a fix for this issue is available.

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This issueis resolved with the latest update of 11.1 orIntel Parallel Composer2011 or Composer XE products.
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