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is it possible to install ICC on cygwin/mingw?

i tryed installing the ICC linux package under cygwin/mingw rpm is installed but the install script is not working under cygwin it cant get correct values for some variables.
Since im new to cygwin/linux i have no clue how to manualy install a rpm package with those key's and manager.
any tip's hints?
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first tip is evident enough you appear not to have thought of it: read the cygwin FAQ to find out what cygwin is and is not.
Among other things, cygwin is not a linux emulation package, it does not implement a linux ABI. Among .rpm's, only source .rpm would have the slightest chance of working with both linux and cygwin. Cygwin is often used to provide a posix environment to run builds using Intel, Microsoft, and other Windows compilers. At the binary level, compatibility between cygwin tools and standard Windows compilers is not supported to any great extent.
mingw is only a port of certain gnu tools to Windows; it doesn't even provide an execution environment.
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