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libmmd.dll missing after OS restart


We have an application which uses a third party application which needs Intel C++ redist. Our installer would add our staff, other app's staff, some VC redists and Intel C++ redist.

After w_ccompxe_redist_intel64_2013.5.198.msi was installed the application could start normally, but after an OS restart libmmd.dll missing alert came on some of our PC-s during application loading.

On those PC-s PATH seemed not to be expanded correctly. I mean, Intel redist installer created environment variable with name INTEL_DEV_REDIST and added %INTEL_DEV_REDIST%redist\intel64\compiler to PATH. It seemed that this does not work correctly on every PC. After I edited the PATH from Environment Variables (only add and remove a char)  and saved with OK the PATH was expanded correctly and our applications started with no alert.

Anybody faced this problem?
Is this an Intel redist installer problem? or a Windos OS problem?
Any solution?
We can't ask our users who will install our application to fix their PATH on their own.

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>> After I edited the PATH from Environment Variables (only add and remove a char)  and saved with OK the PATH was expanded correctly and our applications started with no alert.

About "add and remove a char", so you basically did not change anything, but did a save. It fixed the issue?

what is the OS and OS language you have?



A thought that occurs to me is that if PATH is "too long" that all sort of strange problems start to appear. The maximum length of PATH varies a bit among Windows versions, but generally if you're over 2000 characters you may be in trouble. I think this includes expanding other environment variables, and %INTEL_DEV_REDIST% expands to a fairly long string.

Another possibility is that sometimes changes to PATH don't take effect right away - I have seen a logout/login sometimes required.


This problem appeared on Win 8.1 and Win 10, both English version.
The PATH length is below 1500.
An intresting thing was also that PATH was expanded correctly in a command window with administrator rights.
The editing (even with no change) of the PATH from environment variables dialog seems to solve the problem, but as I wrote before I think that our users will not be happy for such solution.
Is it possible to add a new command line parameter for the redist installer to add the full expanded path to the PATH?


It sounds to me more like an issue with your particular Windows install rather than a general issue with the installer. That simply editing PATH and not changing anything resolved the issue supports my supposition that it's Windows' general flakiness with how it deals with PATH updates that is the real problem. I think it would be a mistake to put the full path in there.

My general advice is to log out and in again if it doesn't work. We see this problem very rarely.


As I mentioned in my first comment, on the problematic PC-s:
-after running the Intel redist installer the libmmd.dll alert is not comming,
-but, after OS restart the libmmd.dll alert comes. After an uninstall + install it works but after a restart the alert comes.
I agree that this seems to be a Windows OS problem or some environment variable setting problem of the redist installer.