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"Intel Advisor cannot show source code for this location"



I recently started using Intel Compiler 2019 and am learning about the compiler. After having taken a few tutorials, I started checking to see how I improve my C++ program. Unlike the tutorial, however, Intel Advisor shows "Intel Advisor cannot show source code for this location. Make sure that the Source Search locations in the Project Properties dialog contain correct location(s) of your application's source files." 

This website ( shows that this message occurs when calling into third-party library routine code. I do use three third-party libraries, namely, Eigen, OpenCV, and Boost in my program. Among these, I'm not too concerned about OpenCV and Boost. But I'd like to see how I can improve my source code with Eigen.

Is there anyway to display the specific code that I should pay attention to, even with Eigen?


The environment for programming is as follows:

OS: Windows 10

IDE: Visual Studio 2015

Intel Compiler: 2019 (Evaluation version)





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