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"Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 'Win32' not installed" error when attempting to build program

I downloaded an evaluation copy of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows 2011. It seems to install successfully, but when I tried to "Build" my code it tells me the "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for 'Win32' not installed". I shouldn't need a license file according to the download instructions, but by perusing the forums, I found it mentioned to put it in c:/Program Files(x86)/Common Files/Intel/Licenses. Even then, I still get the same 'not installed' error.
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You should ask about Windows Fortran on the forum devoted to that subject. As the evaluation compilers expect that you have Visual Studio 2005, 2008, or 2010 Standard or Professional installed, you should say what you have done in that respect. The symptom you describe may be consistent with an installation of the Intel64 (X64) compiler but failure to select that mode when setting up a Visual Studio project, where the default is 32-bit. Also, you must install the Visual Studio C++ matching the Intel compiler (C++ X64 for the Intel64 compiler).
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