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transient files with some prefix?

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Greetings, I'm on Win 8.1 x64 ICC 15.0.3, MSVC 2013. When I break compilation, sometimes ICC left 4-charactes (readable characters) internal compilation files, they are removed when compilation is unsuccessful. But when I break it they are left-overs. This interfere with GIT ignore rules, since it seems their names are randomly-generated. e.g. when I do report from Amplifier or Inspector, the result directory created is prefixed by letter 'r' (==report?) so I can easily ignore them via configuration of GIT (or possibly other VCS too). This is a support request to prefix them with at least some letter or better sequence, like "tmp_a6dj" or suffix like "*.tmp"'. best
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Hi Marian,
I'll file this issue with our developers as a feature request and keep you updated accordingly, thanks.

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