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(Guys)! - , , - ( ) IDE for Linux with support Intel C++ compiler ( eclipse - have only smiley. - java, virtual machine, and C++:-))))))) it's not serious), ,- company sun(open project)- Open solaris - very good for ftp sever (ONLY!!!!!) but, very very bad for desktop!food for the brain)))))

Good Luck!

PS. , ! ! - ! ))))))

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If you're asking for the support of eclipse in the 32-bit compiler to be extended to 64-bit, I suppose you could submit a feature request on, explaining your perception of the advantages. There, you could write Russian, if you don't mind the additional delay until someone proficient in it could give attention.

Yes, there is a saying in USA "the customer is always right," but there could be many more customers asking for mixtures of languages in which most of us are even less proficient than mixed Russian/English.

There was a project announced over a year ago to port some Intel software tools to Solaris, but (in case you don't read the news) Sun's business plan took an entirely different direction. Well before that, Sun cut most of of the development effort they were supporting in Russia. More recently, Sun made some interesting improvements in Sun Studio compilers, apparently aimed at keeping Intel compilers out of their market, should they continue in that line of business.



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