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vs2010 professional trial version



about a month ago, I downloaded the vs 2010 professional trial version for 30 days, at that time I remembered that it says after 30 days if I registered then I can get another 60 days for evaluation. Now the first 30days is almost  end  and I received the email regarding this. But I couldn’t find the link saying that I can get another 60days trial. I told my boss that I can use this for 90days for trial before. He also proposed to purchase this software after the 90days. But now, it is going to end in 4 days and I couldn’t find the link to get another 60days. And we haven’t get the software purchased. Can someone tell me how to get another 60days for trial. Or maybe there are something wrong with my memory? We will try to purchase this as soon as possible, but always there are some process we have to go through due to the company regulation. Are there other ways that I can extend the evaluation for a couple of more days?


Thanks a lot



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Did you follow the instructions on Microsoft site on how to register?

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