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503 'Error: connect EADDRNOTAVAIL - Local (

New Contributor I

I've had this issue come up a couple times now.

I'm using the 3.5.2 conference with CentOS 7 with a modification of the basic example.

The issue I've been having is everything runs fine for maybe days or weeks, but then in the woogeen-app.stdout log it will suddenly show:

503 'Error: connect EADDRNOTAVAIL - Local (\n    at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:1020:11)\n    at exports._exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:1043:20)\n    at connect (net.js:892:16)\n    at net.js:1028:7\n    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.asyncCallback [as callback] (dns.js:62:16)\n    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:81:10)
POST /createToken/ - - ms - -
And I really don't know what is causing it. The server continues to serve up assets fine, but it just can't create a token.
One time, when I let it run for longer like that, it did show an additional error and completely killed the app. The error was:
  throw new assert.AssertionError({
AssertionError: false == true
    at PriorityNode.removeChild (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/priority.js:74:3)
    at PriorityNode.remove (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/priority.js:62:15)
    at PriorityTree.add (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/priority.js:163:23)
    at PriorityTree.addDefault (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/priority.js:181:15)
    at PriorityTree.add (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/priority.js:133:17)
    at Stream._initPriority (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/stream.js:101:25)
    at new Stream (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/stream.js:76:8)
    at Connection._createStream (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/connection.js:388:16)
    at Connection._handleHeaders (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/connection.js:436:21)
    at Connection._handleFrame (/root/intel/Release-v3.5.2/extras/basic_example/node_modules/spdy-transport/lib/spdy-transport/connection.js:319:10)

Any ideas what is going on?? :(

I don't understand how can be unavailable... What is that connecting to? Nuve? When I look at the Nuve logs it doesn't end on any errors, it just simply stops logging anything.

When I the app reboots and begins to work correctly again. When I did this after the server stopped even serving up assets, I noticed it said "no app to stop", which makes me think it's a problem isolated to the app portion.

Sorry I'm not very knowledgable with the server things :\ .

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