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Blank video frames in between conference at 720p



We have recently implemented Intel CS for Webrtc 2.0 and noticed that everything works fine at default vga resolution for multiparty conference, but when we set video quality to 720p. We have modified script2.js and set maxVideoBW: 2048 in basic_sample. Below are woogeen_config.js changes 

config.erizoController.defaultVideoBW = 2048;

config.erizoController.maxVideoBW = 2048;

config.erizo.openh264Enabled = false;


config.erizo.videolayout.defaultrootsize = "hd720p";

We are testing with leased line of 3 & 4 mbps internet connection, everything works fine for few seconds. However in between video screen becomes black randomly in every 10-15 seconds or sometimes in lesser time and again video comes back. I have observed but no ttl or bandwidth drops.

Our server configuration is : Xeon E3-1240 4 Core, 4 GB RAM with 1 Gbps uplink connectivity

Our client machines are: i5 3rd Gen, 3 GB RAM  with leased line of 3 & 4 mbps internet connection. We are doing video conferencing using other webrtc applications in peer-to-peer connection mode at 720p in 2mbps without any issues.

Any idea what configuration changes are needed for smooth video conferencing experience?

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According to that post, we have the problem, that the quality not changing at all:

The quality of the video is the same. How to really change output quality?



Hi Artem,

As mentioned, I have changed configuration file and restarted the server. Apart from that use the querystring variable, you can find similar details in documentation provided with Intel CS for webrtc. You need to have webcam supporting that resolution and can observe changes in Google chrome by opening a new tab with chrome://webrtc-internals

Hope this helps. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

The "resolution" variable in URL query string is for the purpose of resolution of the local stream to be published to MCU server. You can take it as the resolution parameter to GUM on client side. If you want to change the output resolution on MCU, go to the configuration item "config.erizo.videolayout.defaultrootsize". @Blpin, Have you tuned your MCU server with recommended instructions in "2.3.2 Configure the MCU server machine" from Conference_Server_User_Guide? Hope it helps.

Dear Chunbo,

Yes.l have followed all steps as mentioned in Conference_Server_User_Guide and configured MCU server as per instructions. Forwarded streams of hd720p are working without any issue on same server, I am facing this problem in all my servers only when I am accessing mixed stream. VGA resolution mixed stream from server is working fine, I am facing this problem only when switching to hd720p on server for receiving it.


Hi Bipin,

We cannot reproduce this on in v2.0 with two clients connect around 40 mins,below are the details,Attachment are the screenshot of the bitsreceive and bitssend.

Server information:

OS:Unbuntu 12.04,physical CPU: 1, cpu cores: 4 core

                 total            used             free    (GB)
Mem:       16309308   15952744     356564       

Two Clients information:
OS:windows7, Processor:i5 CPU,CPU cores: 4 core 3.2GHz

1. Set the maxVideoBW 2048 in the script2.js in the Release-v2.0/extras/basic_example/public
conference.publish(localStream, {maxVideoBW: 2048}, function (st) {
2. Set the config.erizo.videolayout.defaultrootsize = "hd720p"; in the woogeen_config.js
3. Restart the mcu,tow users join the room in hd720p,keep the connection around 40 mins.

Everything seems to work as expected. NO black frame appears.

We might need more information from you which will help us identify the potential issue.

  1. Test Environment,

    network status: e.g wired or wireless, package lost etc.

    #server machine information: CPU, memory etc: Xeon E3-1240 4 Core, 4 GB RAM with 1 Gbps uplink connectivity

    #client machine information: CPU, memory etc: i5 3rd Gen, 3 GB RAM  with leased line of 3 & 4 mbps internet connection

    test topology: how many clients, how to connected to server, client/browser version

  2. It would be better to have the one by on steps for our reproduce, as well as some other important references, like the Chrome webrtc-internals snapshot e.t.c.