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ExternalStream - rtmp stream is buffered.

sdk ver 4.0.1 is in use. I set it according to the rtmp-server_guide file. I have implemented an external stream in my web source (streaming-ins) However, when rtmp is connected, the image is buffered without smooth playback. 1. Public server  1.1 rtsp: //    - Movie is played smoothly.  1.2 rtmp: //    - Movie is buffered. 2. My Wowza Server (ver 4.x)  2.1 rtsp: // 1935 / vod / mp4: sample.mp4   - No playback.  2.2 rtmp: // 1935 / vod / mp4: sample.mp4   - Movie is buffered. In summary, the rtmp method buffers images unconditionally. Note that all of the above streams are played smoothly in the vlc media player.
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