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Green screen on Sony Xperia XA1 (Android)

Hello, We are experiencing problems with a certain phone while using WebRTC, the Sony Xperia XA1. When calling without video mixing enabled in the WebRTC room, the video stream that is received from another device is shown correctly, but the video from the camera of the Xperia itself is a green plane.(See attached image, it is an impression not a screenshot unfortunately). While calling in a room that has video mixing enabled, the entire video stream is shown as a green plane. We suspect that it might be an issue with the devices SoC (MediaTek Helio) and we have tried turning off "Image Enhancements" options that are described here: Video codec used: H264 Audio codec used: OPUS Thank you in advance
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 Could you please provide more detail information ?

1. Reproduce steps included expectation and actual result for each steps.

2. Issue detail log information.




Hello Yanbin,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I do not have this device on my workplace, the problem described was experienced by a customer of our platform. This limits me from providing a log from the device.

The issue is experienced with every videocall made with ICS WebRTC, Google Hangouts for example, does not have this problem. We think this may relate to Hangouts using VP8 or VP9 as a codec instead of h264.

While calling in a mixed video call room, the entire mix stream is rendered green.

While calling in a non-mixed video call room, only the camera view of the Sony is rendered green, streams that are received from other devices render correctly.

This problem occurs on every call. Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with more information.