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ICS suitable for Live Streaming Service ?


Hi everyone, 

Thanks for your time,

I am Quan, currently our company want to develop a live stream platform like garena live, bigo.

And i am the one decide the technology we would use for this case. But i have never made a live streamming application before.


I have tried the conference server sample of the ICS which yield a pretty satisfactory result.

I would like to ask there questions for a deeper understanding of ICS:


1). Could i make a media server that will work as a broadcaster one-to-many by ICS ?

--1.1) If it's possible. How scalable is ICS ?

--1.2) Could you provide me some keywords to tune the current ICS to support live streaming?

2). If it's not possible. Could you guys provide me some open-source, working media server? I would be very appreciated.


Thanks and have a nice day.

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Yes, you can make a media server that will work as a broadcaster one-to-many by ICS, our streaming and signaling modules are all scalable, and we will have a new milestone version 4.0 in the end of this quarter