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Infrastructure Architecture help


HI All,

I'm looking to use Intel webrtc platform and integrate it with Freeswitch to develop a rich unified communications web application. I've found a lot of documentation on the app and mobile development side, but not so much on the infrastructure setup and what's possible with the SIP gateway. I'm an entrepreneur with a bit of technical experience, but really need some help building out a test platform in AWS/Azure ready for a developer to start testing and coding.

Does intel offer any advice or resources around helping me building out the infrastructure? 

Also do you think it's possible to combine freeswitch with the intel WEBRTC platform to be able to bridge telephony calls with intel conferences and webrtc sessions? I've done all of this with Freeswitch standalone as it's an MCU in it's on right, but it's very limited on layouts and doesn't offer the hybrid MCU options around forwarding video streams to certain clients and doing transcoding for others.

Many thanks


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