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Intel 3.5.2 Issues

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Hi Intel Team,
       i have find out some critical issues while updating versions from 3.3 to 3.5.2.I am including some 
       known bugs after test all the two version

Intel 3.3
1. when a user connect ot mcu conference room from sip gateway he can hear his own voice ( Loopback ).This happen because
user voice got to pbx via telephone - then loop back via mcu to pbx. Naming this issue as "sip loopback"
2. Unable to switch camera using device ID. Always selecting default camera whether we pass device id in
Intel 3.5.2
1. Some chrome browsers in ubuntu and all chrome browsers in android device unable to publish audio and video.The error is 
"Invalid frame rate"
2. There is NAT issue in some private corporate network.The application not working in mozilla for such network.But the application
working fine in 3.3 version for the same network.
3. There is a room lock issue for this network. if we use a room for longer time if user connected and disconnected several 
time then some ports are not releasing so the entire room become un usable  
4. Unable to share screen in electron packed app.For other webrtc application electron packed app can publish
screen without any extension using same constrain used in chrome. But intel Always chacking for extension id if we pack the url inside elctron app.It should be
great if intel have an option to avoid extension checking. 
4. Camera selection issue is fixed and sip loopback issue also fixed in this version

I think stable version is 3.3 with the following fixes
1. sip loopback issue
2. camera selection issue using device id
3. browser and network compactibility is best in 3.3 version

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