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Intel_CS_WebRTC.v4.0 iceservers coturn的使用问题



2、部署了Signaling Server 和 coTurn Server

3、客户端win10系统  Chorme浏览器,运行peercall.html 网页,修改了服务器地址

var serverAddress='';  // Please change to signaling server's address

    const signaling = new SignalingChannel();

    let publicationForCamera;

    let publicationForScreen;

    var p2p = new Ics.P2P.P2PClient({

      audioEncodings: true,

      videoEncodings: [{codec:{name: 'h264'}}, {codec: {name: 'vp9'}}, {codec: {name: 'vp8'}}],

       iceServers: [{

         urls: "stun:",

                   credential: "ling1234",

         username: "ling"



          urls: [




        credential: "ling1234",

        username: "ling"

        } ]

      }, signaling);

4、图一情况下在同一个局域网里能够成功,  图二情况下连接失败,coturn服务器应该是正常运行,而且网页端没有发起coturn server的网络请求(turnserver 没有显示网络请求,客户机抓包软件也没有发现有网络请求包),不知道问题出在什么地方。

5、错误提示 :

Signaling state changed: closed
ics.js:9 Uncaught (in promise) Error
    at new t (ics.js:9)
    at t.value (ics.js:9)
    at t.value (ics.js:9)
    at t.value (ics.js:9)
    at t.value (ics.js:9)
    at SignalingChannel.o.onMessage (ics.js:9)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (sc.websocket.js:115)
    at Socket.Emitter.emit (
    at Socket.onevent (
    at Socket.onpacket (
t @ ics.js:9
value @ ics.js:9
value @ ics.js:9
value @ ics.js:9
value @ ics.js:9
o.onMessage @ ics.js:9
(anonymous) @ sc.websocket.js:115
Emitter.emit @
Socket.onevent @
Socket.onpacket @
(anonymous) @
Emitter.emit @
Manager.ondecoded @
(anonymous) @
Emitter.emit @
Decoder.add @
Manager.ondata @
(anonymous) @
Emitter.emit @
Socket.onPacket @
(anonymous) @
Emitter.emit @
Transport.onPacket @
Transport.onData @
ws.onmessage @
ics.js:9 Data Channel is closed.

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