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Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.2 Update 1 Release Announcement


I am pleased to announce the release of the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Version 3.2 Update 1.  This is a patch release and it contains no new features. Refer to the Release Notes of v3.2 for a complete list of new features. The release and user documentation are freely available to download from the Intel® Developer Zone site at

These are some of the issues fixed in this Update 1:

1. Upgraded all dependent OpenSSL version to 1.0.2i.

2. Enhanced Gateway for SIP to support one more audio codec type G.722.

3. Fixed Gateway for SIP bug that publicIP setting in gateway_config.json did not work.

4. Changed the default value of MCU room recording option audioCodec from ‘pcmu’ to ‘opus’.

5. Enhanced MCU SIP connectivity with SIP server registration and ongoing calls clean up when working nodes tear down.

<Refer to the Release Notes for the full list>

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