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Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.4 Update 1 Release Announcement



I am pleased to announce the patch release of the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Version 3.4 Update 1.  The release and user documentation are freely available to download from the Intel® Developer Zone site at

This is a patch release and it contains no new features. Refer to the Release Notes of v3.4 for a complete list of new features.  The following list highlights the fixes in this patch release:

1. Fixed crash in Client SDK for Android that occurred when customizing
audio input data with two or more channels.
2. Fixed issue in Client SDK for JavaScript when using N.API.createRoom to
create room with multiple viewports.
3. Updated the user guide of Client SDK for JavaScript to correct the sample
code of N.API.createRoom.
4. Enhanced the user guides of Client SDK for Windows and iOS to add more
details on API descriptions.
5. Updated the user guide of Conference Server to add MCU public access
configuration and refine cluster scheduling policy description.



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where can I find the Function of Intel CS for WebRTC Conference Server