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Intel(R) Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v2.8 Release Announcement

Continuing with our commitment to WebRTC, I am pleased to announce the release of Intel CS for WebRTC Version 2.8 – download freely from:

The Intel CS for WebRTC includes the following:

  • Intel CS for WebRTC Conference Server – enables not only P2P style communication, but also efficient WebRTC-based video conference.

  • Intel CS for WebRTC Gateway Server for SIP – provides the WebRTC connectivity into SIP conferences.

  • Intel CS for WebRTC Client SDK – allows you to develop WebRTC apps using JavaScript* APIs, Android* native apps using Java* APIs, or iOS* native apps using Objective-C* APIs.

I would also like to encourage you to join our community and participate in the WebRTC developers & community forum to discuss, exchange information, and ask questions.

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