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Kinda urgent, firefox no longer compatible.

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When you try to subscribe to a stream, the following error shows in console "ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details"


I don't believe a STUN server is required, as it is not using P2P, the server has a direct connection to the internet and is acting as a forwarder.

It was caused by this as printed in the release notes

Firefox now provides better privacy for your web voice and video calls through support for mDNS ICE by cloaking your computer’s IP address with a random ID in certain WebRTC scenarios.

I have had a user disable a firefox flag and be able to continue as normal, however I didn't write down what flag he said works... but there is a flag!


Obviously this isn't acceptable... Is there any advice on a fix for this issue with an upcoming new release? To not have default firefox compatibility is a big disadvantage.

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Okay the temporary fix firefox users can do, is go to about:config in the address bar.

Search for "obfuscate",

either add the hostname to the "" flag, or set to false.

Other webrtc sites don't seem to be having this issue.

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Furthermore, changing 

conference = new Owt.Conference.ConferenceClient();


conference = new Owt.Conference.ConferenceClient({ 
    iceServers:  [{
    urls: ""

Does not change the behaviour or the error message complaining for a stun server. Am I correct that that is a valid stun server address at the moment? Have I put it in right?