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Media server studio 2016 and Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.5.2 installation



      I have been trying to install Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.5.2 and Media Server Studio 2016 latest release in the assembled server machine with CPU i7-4770 running CentOS 7.4. I successfully extracted WebRTC suite and installed ffmpeg as given in the manual. During installation of ffmpeg, in that script, relatively latest version of some libraries have been installed. But, MSS-2016 is asking for lower version of same libraries. Is there any solution to this conflict?? Please let me know, if there is any.

Thank you!!




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Hi, for MSDK 2016, the recommended CentOS version is 7.1.1503. For version conflict issue, our BKM is to install MSDK first on a new device and then do system update related actions.