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Picture in Picture Video Mixing


I am trying to get the Server to layout two video streams such that the second stream is a quarter of the size, and placed inside ( overlayed on top of ) the first stream in the bottom right hand corner. I have read the documentation, but it isn't very clear how to do this, and I can't seem to get this right. At the moment I have added the code below to the basicServer.js example. The room is created, but it behaves as before with the usual grid layout. Has anyone got something like this working?

room = {
    name: 'myRoom',

    "mediaMixing": {
        "video": {
            "layout": {
                "custom": [

                        "region": [{
                            "id": "1",
                            "left": 0.0,
                            "top": 0.0,
                            "relativesize": 1.0,
                            "priority": 1
                        }, {
                            "id": "2",
                            "left": 0.75,
                            "top": 0.75,
                            "relativesize": 0.25,
                            "priority": 1


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Hi Matthew,

We've tested this typical case, and it should work fine. Can you tell us the MCU version you're using now? Since there's some update in this feature recently. Thanks!