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Regarding Cluster Deployment!

Hi Team,

Test scenario as below

Server1 : Mongo and Rabbitmq instance running

Server2: Nuve and basic app running

Server3: portal, cluster-manager(master), session-agent, audio-agent, video-agent,webrtc-agent

Server4: portal, cluster-manager(master), session-agent, audio-agent, video-agent,webrtc-agent

Question is When server3 went down how the app knows to connect server4, also from app user1 logged in to server3 using socket running on server3 and user2 logged in to server4 using socket running on server4. does these 2 users will be in same conference? how token is servered.


what is best configuration for making Intel CS as HA



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Please refer the Conference

Please refer the Conference Server Guide to get all components' HA policy. For your question, cluster manager hold all room resource allocation and one room holds one session controller node. If one server is down and some room components are running on it, then according to the components' different HA policy, system will either auto recover or notify impact user to relogin.

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