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Software Mode Decode Artifacts


Hello, I'm working on a project using your MCU server stack in conjunction with RTSP streams. We have v3.3 running thanks to the support of this forum. Consequently we purchased a Kaby Lake 7700K and to cut a long story short, it's not supported on CentOS/Media SDK, see the following thread:

Whilst running in software only mode (unsure how Openh264 managed to transcode my non-baseline 264 cameras) and with two rooms created, displaying RTSP/264 all is good for at least an hour, <50% CPU. After a period of time the decodes start to contain artifacts, see link below. Starting and stopping the streams correct the problem. I was wondering if you knew what causes this error?

We have ruled out the browser and source encoders.

In addition, any weight you can add to Linux Media SDK support for Kaby Lake would be appreciated.

Thank-you for maintaining this powerful solution.

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