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service-id and service-key


Hello, I am currently working with MCU 4.0.1 and got some questions about services:

I saw that the example creates with the of nuve a service-id and service-key for the superservice and copies these credentials into samplertcservice.js. How can I achieve the same with my own implementation? Editing of the initdb.js of nuve doesn't seem the right way because it's minified and uglified.

I know that there should be an API to create own services but I can't find any documentation about it. If I tried to add a new service through the management console but I just get a 500 status code message. Does this API endpoint for services still exist and where can I find more information about it?

Thanks for your help.

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If you want to create a service, super service credentials are required. The super service ID can be configured in "nuve/nuve.toml".

On management console, you need to log in with the super service's ID & key which would be printed after running the "bin/" script. After log in as super service, click the 'Overview' link on the management console page, then click the '+' button on the right to create a service. This way should work.

If you want to create a service through REST API. The management console has plain js files as samples you can refer to. See "libnuve.js" for details.

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