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Bluetooth devices freezing not responding intermittently


Hey all,

I have a STK1AW32SC, with Windows 10 x64 on it.

Intermittently, every so often (anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes), all the connected bluetooth devices will stop responding.

The devices think they are still connected, but things like Mice and Keyboards stop responding.

Windows will still show the devices as connected, and the devices will also show as still being connected. Power cycling the devices will make them start up like normal and try to find a device to connect to without success.

The Compute stick will perpetually think that whatever devices were last connected to it are still connected. The only way to solve the problem is to turn bluetooth on the compute stick off for 5 seconds, and turn bluetooth back on.

The devices will immediately re-connect and all will be well again for another few seconds to as long as half an hour.

This never happens when devices are left connected but idle. This only happens if the devices are actively being used.

I've never come up to the compute stick (which is always on and never goes to sleep) to find my BT keyboard and mouse unresponsive, but I will frequently be using my keyboard or mouse to have both of them suddenly stop responding, and have to resort to remote desktop or a USB mouse to turn bluetooth off, wait 5 seconds, and turn bluetooth back on again.

This Compute stick shipped with x86 windows 10 on it, and while I didn't have that on it for too long before i went 64 bit (only about an hour or so), I don't remember that happening back then.

Is this a driver issue? Is this a setting in the EFI/BIOS that needs to be tweaked? Is it bad hardware?

I appreciate any help anyone can provide. I've already reinstalled a couple times, and done all the firmware/bios/driver/windows updates to no avail.


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Hello nabeelr,



Thank you for joining the Intel Communities Support.



As described above, your Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC comes with Windows 10, 32-bit pre-installed. Even though it is upgradeable to Windows 10 Pro, your system may be facing driver issues. According to the Intel Download Center, there are no drivers available for Windows 10, 64-bit. For this reason, I recommend you to do an operating system recovery and then test the performance of the devices running the operating system pre-installed in your Compute Stick. Check the instructions here, under the Operating System Recovery option.



Also, you can check if your devices have been tested by Intel to ensure performance here.



I look forward to hearing from you.



Wanner G.


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Hi Wanner G,

I was kind of surprised to see your answer stating there is no Windows 10 64 bit driver for this compute Stick.

Before I moved on to the Core m5 model I had this exact same Compute Stick running Windows 10 64 bit (Enterprise version).

Al tough not all drivers are listed under the Compute Stick downloads page (probably because it is sold with the Windows 32 bit version) some are available on the pages of the integrated hardware itself. Example: Download Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows® 10

I am not sure about the blue tooth part as I think this is integrated in the WiFi adapter.

I hope some can confirm that.


Leon Merts

Super User Retired Employee

The important message here is that Intel only validates the SC Compute Stick with 32-bit Windows 10 Home. Use of any other version of Windows is not supported and any issues encountered that do not also occur with 32-bit Windows 10 Home are going to be out of scope for repair.


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That isn't true, in the marketing material it says you can upgrade to x64 windows for this compute stick, and all the drivers are both x64, and x86 drivers. I am also NOT running Windows 10 Pro x64, I'm running Windows Home x64.

This is one of the core reasons why I bought this device.

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Yes, this is true, and if you buy a STK1A32SC, The same device as a STK1AW32SC but without a windows licence, and it supports 64bit windows.

If you look here:

You can see 64bit windows drivers for this device.

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